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Whenever used in this context:

1.  “Company” refers to the users of OnlineArabLink.com website and have access to the products and services offered in OnlineArabLink.com website.

2.  “Customer” or “Client” or “Guest”  are the end users of the services of OnlineArabLink.com, to be acquired by the Company  from  ArabLink.

3.  “Products” or “Services” are the holiday packages, airlines, hotels, apartments, villas or all other types of accommodations,  and other travel related products and services.

1. Reservations. Bookings can be done either online using OnlineArabLink.com website, or if the properties are not on the website, by emailing to book@onlineArabLink.com. While making the online booking, it is the Company’s responsibility to ensure that all details of reservations are correct. OnlineArabLink.com’s policies on cancellation, amendment and no-show shall be stated in the cancellation policy before booking or at the booking confirmation.

2. Names of the Customer/ Guests. The correct names of guest/s must be entered properly by the Company. If abbreviation such as TBA has been entered as the guest's name, the hotel may reject the booking. The names of all guests must be entered properly on the appropriate field for First Name and Family Name.

3. Blocking Rooms. No booking should be done for the purpose of blocking the rooms for future sale. ArabLink reserves the right to cancel any FIT bookings made by the Company if they appeared to have been done for the purpose of holding space.

4. Nationality of Guest/Customer. The Company agrees that nationality declaration should be in accordance with the customer’s passport. ArabLink shall not be held responsible for any consequences arising from false declaration of nationality. Any financial damage that may occur due to false nationality shall be covered by the Company towards the end-users or to ArabLink in full wherever applicable.

5. Room Types. While  ArabLink undertakes to ensure that the requested room type and smoking preference is available, the actual bedding and make-up of the rooms are not guaranteed. In certain occasions, a twin bed may be allocated for a double- bedded room or vice versa. Kindly note that in Europe, the majority of the hotels are providing 2 single beds pushed together, for a double bed. OnlineArabLink.com will forward room type preferences to the hotel, but still, the allocation of rooms is done by the property and subject to availability upon arrival.

7. Occupancy. The Company must ensure that the room type booked is suitable to the end-user/s. It is the responsibility of the Company to ensure that the occupancy of the room booked is matching the correct number of persons. In case the number of guests are exceeding the allowed occupancy, the hotel has the rights to reject the booking, in this case no refund will be made; or to offer extra room to be booked with and paid directly to the hotel.

8. Special Requests. ArabLink will forward all requests such as (a) bedding types (b) connecting rooms (c) view types (d) smoking preferences (e) high or low floors, etc. to the hotel, these are all subject to availability at the check-in date, henceforth ArabLink cannot guarantee any of the special requests. ArabLink may only recommend the Company to advise the end-user to contact the booked hotel to confirm the special request/s directly.

9. If Company  Receives ArabLink’s Email in Junk Folder. In case the Company receives ArabLink’s  e-mail in the Junk folder,  the emails should be marked as “not spam” so that it could be prevented from happening again.

10. Early Check-in/ Late Check-in. In most of the hotels, the room night counts from 2:00 PM till next day 12:00 PM. If a Customer arrives earlier than the standard or prescribed check-in time as per the voucher, it is at the sole discretion of the hotel to accommodate the Customer subject to availability. Any additional charge for the early check-in shall be paid directly to the hotel by the Customer.
If a Customer is expected to arrive late after 6:00 PM, it is very important to contact the hotel and inform them of Customer’s arrival time, as failing to inform the hotel of a late arrival can result to releasing the booking or to rebooking the space for another customer.

11. Early Check-out/ Late Check-out. For any early checkout where there is a request for refund, the demands should be accompanied by document proof that the hotel agreed with or permitted the early check-out. The refund can be claimed only when the accommodation/hotel excludes the charges for unutilized nights from the invoice. Hence, the hotel permission itself does not guarantee any refund.
Any request for late check-out ( i.e., the customer does not check-out as per standard check-out time) shall be at the discretion of the hotel and therefore charges for late check-out shall be paid directly to the hotel.

1. Amendment conditions. If amendments are permitted, the following amendment conditions may apply: Changes to arrival/departure date, room type or name change. Where special offers were applied at the time of the booking, it may result in the re-pricing of that item, product or service. Certain bookings can be amended online. In some cases where amendment online is not possible, the Company must send email to ArabLink. (No amendments shall be entertained by telephone). There may be cases where the booking must be cancelled and new booking should be done as per the new details. The prevailing rate at the time the new booking is done shall be the applicable rate. For booking extension the same booking code should be used and the Company must inform ArabLink  about the extension. Generally, bookings that offer free nights and early bird promotions are liable to certain restrictions, such as but not limited to: no name changes, no extension or reduction of room nights. ArabLink will not accept any amendments done directly with the hotel.

2. Cancellation Policies. Cancellation policies vary from hotel to hotel and season to season. The Company must always check the cancellation policies and deadline at the time the booking is made. Cancellation policies may change during special events/high season. In these periods, the hotels may pass different policies. There may also be instances where the hotel may not honor the reduced rates of OnlineArabLink.com which means the price the Customer pays may be higher than the published rate, and the BAR (Best Available Rate) will apply. This can happen when the availability is very limited. In some cases where name changes are not permitted, the booking has to be cancelled and re-booked; hence the new rates shall apply.  ArabLink will not accept any cancellations done by the Company directly with the hotel.

3. Cancellation Charges. Any cancellation requests made after the cancellation deadline are subject to cancellation charges determined by the hotel concerned.

ArabLink shall not be liable in providing alternative accommodation for reasons directly related to the hotel such as but not limited to: overbooking, maintenance or renovation, closure of the property. Any relocation shall be the sole responsibility of the hotel concerned. The Company accepts that since these things are beyond our control, ArabLink has no liability for any losses that might occur as a result of relocation.

Company must submit its group request (9+ accommodations) to book@onlineArabLink.com.  Any FIT booking where there is more than nine (9) units of accommodation booked, done for the purpose of blocking the space for future sale may be cancelled.

1. Rates. Room rates will be displayed on the website depending on any market fluctuations. Our rates generally include most of the taxes except in some countries where certain taxes are charged separately. Tourist/local/city taxes/VAT which generally include the use of local services, may not be included. In all cases, taxes excluded in the booking rates which are to be paid at the hotel shall be shown at the time the booking is being made and this info may also show on the voucher. The exchange rates at the time the booking was confirmed shall be applicable. Any changes relating to currency exchange rate fluctuations will not affect the rates of an already confirmed booking. Likewise, once a booking has been booked and confirmed, there is no refund for any difference in rates due to exchange rate fluctuations.
ArabLink reserves the right to correct any pricing or displayed errors and/or omissions. This includes errors and/or omissions, which have been entered by a hotelier or supplier. In the event of a price error and/or omission ArabLink will offer the choice of either keeping the booking at the correct rates, cancelling the booking, or subject to availability, a suitable alternate hotel. ArabLink reserves the right to cancel any booking in case of a price loading error which results in an unrealistic booking value.

2. Rate parity issues. Due to low occupancy, the hotels may offer special rates to walk-in guests; hence published rate may in certain situations be lower than OnlineArabLink.com rates. Any complaint arising from circumstances such as this which is beyond our control, is not our responsibility and shall not be entertained by ArabLink.

3. Payments. Company can make payments in the following ways:
● Credit Card
● Floating Cash Deposit
● Credit Facility can be provided for companies who have established a good track record with ArabLink for a minimum period of one year. In order to grant credit facility, the Company must submit a Bank Guarantee, the amount of which shall be determined by ArabLink depending on the volume of business generated as per the record.

4. Identification Proof of Credit Card Holder. ArabLink reserves the right to request proof of identification from the credit card holder as well as signed authorization form. Although this may cause a bit of inconvenience, this measure is for the cardholder’s protection against any misuse of credit card.

5. International Transaction Fees. ArabLink cannot be held responsible for any international transaction fee being charged by credit card providers which are passed on because the charges are processed outside the country where the cardholder resides in. Please note the charges are not from ArabLink and ArabLink has no control over these charges passed on by credit card issuers.

6. Miscellaneous Charges from Hotels. ArabLink cannot be held responsible for any additional miscellaneous charges the hotels may impose such as: air conditioning, safe, mini fridge, rental television, remote control, luggage storage, sauna, spa, swimming pool use, car parking fees and other extra charges. Any such charges must be paid directly to the hotel. Most of the hotels may ask the guests for refundable deposit by credit card/cash to be given upon check-in as guarantee for any extras. Likewise, ArabLink cannot be held responsible for any supplement during the festive season such as: Christmas and the New Year where some hotels impose a compulsory Gala dinner where guests must pay the corresponding supplement. .

7. Chargebacks & Fraud. The Company is financially responsible for payment of any booking that is a subject of chargebacks, frauds and/or other refunds. Without prejudice to the right of the Company to appeal a reported chargeback with the acquiring bank, Company explicitly agrees to accept any such reported reversed payment, penalties and/or other fees and expenses reported by ArabLink and/or its affiliated acquiring entity. For the avoidance of doubt, ArabLink assumes no liability whatsoever and will not refund any payment to your credit card, debit card or your account.  Upon notification of a chargeback, Company may initiate a challenge to the chargeback by forwarding all transaction information to ArabLink within the permitted time period by e-mail (e.g. signed order form to provide proof of the cardholder’s authorization of the transactions or acceptance of goods).  ArabLink will forward this information to the acquiring bank. Chargeback case will be finalized regarding to the International Card Regulations (Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc) between Issuer Bank and Acquirer Bank which, will make the final decision of the case. In order to protect OnlineArabLink.com against any form of fraud, unauthorized use of the services for prohibited activities, ArabLink will have the right to immediately modify and/or suspend some or all of the provision of services to Company by written notice. ArabLink shall use this right of modification and/or suspension of the services in good faith, with restraint, and when any one or more of the following occurs:
● Number of Chargebacks affecting the reputation of OnlineArabLink.com
● When there is reasonable doubt or evidence that fraud is or may be occurring
● ArabLink reasonably determines that the Company is willfully dishonest, fraudulent and/or engages in misconduct with respect to its business or affairs;
● The risk profile of Company and/or its transactions change significantly;
● An acquirer, card association, payment method supplier, governmental or supervisory authority requires or advises ArabLink to modify, suspend or terminate the services;
● A law, rule, banking regulation including, but not limited to, currency restriction from local and/or central banks mandates modification, suspension or termination of the services.

8.  Arab Link LLC will appear on the credit card statement. If a Company has used a third party or customer’s credit card to make the hotel booking then, it is the responsibility of the Company to inform the cardholder or the customer of this important information in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

9. Non-payment. Payments not done within the agreed period may result to (a)blocking of your system access (b) cancellation of all future bookings; and/or ( c )termination of the contract.

ArabLink endeavors to provide updated hotel information on its website. This information however, is provided by hoteliers or third-parties. Hence,  ArabLink is not responsible for the accuracy of this information or for any facilities that may or may not be available at the hotel during the stay of your customers, or if it is not suited to the customer’s individual preferences. ArabLink cannot accept responsibility for any disturbance or inconvenience to the Company’s clients for accidents or losses inside the hotel premises or that which may be caused by hotel management or staff. All hotels require at least one of the guests to be of legal age. Some hotels have higher age limits, thus Company must directly contact the hotel for clarification.

The terms and conditions as stipulated on OnlineArabLink.com website and any related actions will be governed by the appropriate laws of United Arab Emirates. Any claim or legal proceedings in connection with the products and services of ArabLink will be brought to courts located in Dubai and the Company consents to the jurisdiction of and venue in such courts and waive any objection as to inconvenient forum. The Company agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of United Arab Emirates to resolve any legal matter arising from this Terms. Notwithstanding this, the Company agrees that ArabLink shall still be allowed to apply for injunctive remedies (or other equivalent types of urgent legal remedy) in any jurisdiction. The prevailing party shall have the right to collect from the other party its legal fees, expenses and costs and necessary disbursements and attorney’s fees incurred in enforcing this terms and conditions.

1. Any booking complaints should be addressed to info@onlineArabLink.com and must be supported with proofs to be raised not later than 14 days from check-out date. No complaints will be entertained without evidence.

2. To enable ArabLink to monitor and improve its services, all telephone calls to ArabLink are recorded.

3. ArabLink shall not be liable for any loss or failure in service relating from force majeure such as flood, earthquake, bad weather conditions, etc or any other acts of riot, terrorism, acts of governments or authority change in a country ArabLink  is not liable for the practices of hotels relating to their facilities such as opening and closing hours of swimming pool, heating system, etc..

ArabLink shall not be liable for any and all indirect or consequential losses which may be incurred by Company or customers, including but not limited to:
● Loss of profit whether directly or indirectly
● Any loss of opportunity
● Any loss of goodwill and reputation
● Any act of the Client or Customers
● Any act of third party not connected to the services
● Any situation beyond ArabLink’s control including, but not limited to, acts of nature, labour disputes or any other irregularity beyond ArabLink’s control. ArabLink disclaims responsibility for any loss, damage, accidents, sickness or changes in schedules resulting from causes beyond its control.
● As the information on the website is provided by the hotels, ArabLink shall not be held liable if such information is incorrect or inaccurate.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid, unenforceable or non-binding, you shall remain bound by all other provisions hereof. In such event, such invalid provision shall nonetheless be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and you will at least agree to accept a similar effect as the invalid, unenforceable or non-binding provision, given the contents and purpose of these terms and conditions are correct.

OnlineArabLink.com does not warrant or make representations regarding the security of our website. By accessing the website, the User acknowledges that any information sent may be intercepted. OnlineArabLink.com does not warrant that the website or the servers are free from viruses or any other harmful elements.

In no event shall OnlineArabLink.com or any of its affiliates be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages arising out of or in connection with the use of, or inability to use OnlineArabLink.com website.

Use of the OnlineArabLink.com website is subject to your acceptance of Our terms and conditions. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, You must refrain from using the website.